More Bad News

A new report uncovers yet more upsetting news for Boeing and share-holders alike.

Upon further review, over 38 Boeing 737 NG aircrafts have shown signs of cracking in a sensitive area connecting the fuselage and wing raising another safety issue for the company, which is already dealing with two deadly crashes involving a newer version of the same plane.

Boeing said Thursday that airlines worldwide have inspected 810 planes and only 5% will actually require any mmaintenance. Airliners however have chosen to keep many 737 models grounded until a complete audit is completed and quality is assured.

All airlines are ordered to inspect certain Boeing 737 NG planes for cracking.

Boeing isn’t identifying which airlines reported problems,

The NG is being replaced by the 737 Max, which has been grounded since March.

It seems boeing can not catch a break. No pun intended.

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